Cinnamon Bun All Natural Soy Candle
Cinnamon Bun All Natural Soy Candle
Cinnamon Bun All Natural Soy Candle

Cinnamon Bun All Natural Soy Candle

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Our new Cozy Breakfast collection is here! Featured three amazing new fragrances! *Morning Coffee* - The name says it all, this scent is amazing and smells just like a cup of freshly brewed coffee. *Cinnamon Bun* - Close your eyes and picture warm cinnamon rolls freshly baking in the oven. *Maple Bacon* - You'll swear someone is serving up a piping hot, country-style breakfast. The delicious aromas of sizzling bacon and sweet Vermont maple syrup will delight. 

Is there any small more nostalgic and comforting than the scent of the freshly baked cinnamon buns? Soft and dripping with butter and gooey icing. They make the perfect accompaniment to a very large and hearty farm breakfast. The pungent aroma of cinnamon is unmistakable. The scent always reminds me of Grandma's hot cinnamon rolls. It always brings back some great family memories.



Top: Cinnamon, Clove

Middle: Butter, Sugar

Base: Vanilla, Cream

    CLEAN-BURNING AND SAFE - Our candles contain only soy wax, cotton & recycled paper braided wicks, essential oils and all-natural fragrance oils making them some of the cleanest burning candles you’ll find.

    PERFECT GIFT - Our candles make the perfect gift whether your loved ones are near or long distance. Our individual candles and three-candle gift sets are packaged in high-quality boxes that are perfect for gift giving.

    ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS - All of our products are made with the purest all-natural ingredients that come straight from the Earth and can be returned back to it. Soy wax is a renewable, biodegradable, water-soluble, vegan resource. Our soy wax is American-made, so you’re also supporting American farmers!

    HANDMADE IN SMALL BATCHES - All of our candles are created, hand-poured, packaged and shipped from our cozy Santa Clarita, California candle studio. Made in USA by Veteran owned business. Made in USA by Veteran Owned Business.

    PREMIUM FRAGRANCE OILS - All of our candle fragrance oils are selected and formulated and selected in-house. Our candles provide scents that while strong, are also subtle.

    All of our candles are artisan crafted in small batches in Santa Clarita, California. Each candle is hand-poured and set by hand. Our candles are 100% vegan, natural soy-derived (non-GMO)  from American-grown soybeans for a clean and eco-friendly burn. We only use 100% cotton wicks and premium-grade fragrance oil and essential oils. We only use Phthalate-free fragrance oils and essential oils. No added chemicals.

    25+ Hour Burn Time


    • Trim wick to 1/4" each time before lighting.
    • Always place your candle on a fireproof surface or holder.
    • Never burn a candle completely and dispose of it when it burns to within 1/2" of its base or the holder.
    • Never leave a burning candle unattended